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Tan Hong Phuc company (THPC)  is based in Thanh Hoa province in the Middle of Vietnam. The province is in the 3rd population ranked of the country and has the most abundant of natural stone, sand and cement. THPC has successfully taken these advantages to be a prestige manufacturer and supplier of natural stone (Bluestone, Marble) and cementtiles in Vietnam.      

Stone tiles, forever with the time!    

On 27th June 2011, UNESCO has formally recognized the Ho Dynasty Citadel - a permanent building with unique architecture of blue stone in 1397 in Thanh Hoa province – as a World Cultural Heritage. This is a big symbol for sustainable quality and forever beauty of Thanh Hoa natural stone.

Time is going on, industries related to natural stone in Thanh Hoa province has been developed to take advantages of good quality and rich natural limestone mountains resource.

The majority of our raw materials come from our six existing quarries. Futhermore, three more quarries are ready to ensure the long-term sustainable supply of raw materials. We are supplying a wide range of natural stone products to both local and international markets. Our biggest market is the Europe where our bluestone has been presented since 2000s.

Our products are also accepted widely in other markets in Asia (Pure White Marble), North America (Multi Yellow Marble) and Australia (Green Marble).  

Cement tiles, elegance anonymous classic !    

The Cement tiles or Encaustic Cement tiles have been produced and used traditionally since the late 19th century throughout the urbanized areas of the Mediterranean: France, the Iberian Peninsula (Spain,Portugal), Italy, and the old European colonies of northern Africa and Latin America.

Vietnam used to be a colony of the French. When the French came to Vietnam in the 19th century, they also brought the technique for cement tile production.

The metal mold is handmade following specific design drawings. The pigment composition is a mixture of high quality white portland cement, marble powder, fine sand, and natural mineral colour pigments. Cement tiles being handmade are expected to have slight imperfections, which give them character and depth.

With a huge passion for beautiful encaustic cement tiles and rich raw material resources, THPC has become a handicraft art masterpiece with varied colors and exquisite patterns of cement tiles.

Stone tiles and Cement tiles from THPC bring a natural charm, great variety for designs and colors which make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, for both floor and wall.

Come to THPC and choose your house designs or motifs favorite! If you want a separate space using patterns designed by you, please contact us and we'll turn ideas inspired you to become a reality by now.

We commit ourselves towards customer satisfaction by High Quality - Fast Delivery and Good Service!